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Sony Alpha a6000 is a mid-range mirrorless camera that has an awesome configuration from which you can take high-quality images. It has a compact body with a 24 megapixel sensor, and A6000 is easy to hold and take pictures. It is also provided with a pop-up flash in the middle-upper part of the body, and it is one of the unique designs from Sony.

A6000 has non-touchable LCD at the back but it’s not a flip one, you can just tilt and that’s all you can do with the display. The rear LCD view is automatic, which means if you keep your eyes near the rearview it will instantly change and you can see it through the viewfinder. And if you take your eyes out from the rearview then you can see the object in the LCD display. This is one of the main advantages in Sony a6000.


sony alpha 6000

On top of the camera, you can see the dial for changing the modes like manual mode, aperture mode and auto intelligent mode. Next to that, you have the dial to control Aperture, ISO and the shutter speed. You can control these things with the help of that dial. On and off switch is at the front of that.

With the help of the C1 button, you can change the ISO and at the back of the camera, you can change the shutter speed. You can change the display settings with the help of the disp button and you can choose which one suits well for you while taking images. The continuous shot can be changed at the left side of the dial.

By clicking Fn key, you will be able to see all the settings in the camera, and you can change every setting there like flash, metering mode, white balance and much more. You can use the play button for viewing the pictures which have been captured by you and AEL is for focusing the objects.

C2 button will show you the portraits, as you can see in the below image it is much helpful for doing so many things. You can remove the lens with the button at the bottom of the camera. Along with the camera, you will be provided with two lenses.

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Sony Alpha a6000 uses the BIONZ X image processor. It has the 24-megapixel sensor, and the frame rate is 11 (fps). One of the main significant factors of this camera is the ISO and it can be set up to 25600. You can take pictures in low light also. Moreover, it also has the advantage of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, from which you can transfer everything to your desired device from the camera without any difficulty.

Another important benefit to be mentioned about this camera is that you can charge the camera with android charger also. So, do not worry when you have forgotten your camera charger when you are in a faraway photoshoot, your smartphone charger will save you at that moment. You can rotate the flash according to your needs and you can bounce it too.

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Sony a6000 comes with the 55-210 mm and the aperture is 4.5-6.3 OSS and with the help of this lens you can take a couple of good shots, but don’t increase the ISO more than 1600 or else you will have some noise in the images. You can take different shots by changing the white balance to sunlight, shade, cloud and other modes.

It has 1080 mAh battery and like mentioned before you can charge that with the help of android charger also. The hole has also been provided at the bottom of the camera in order to fix it at the tripod. With the help of tripod, you can take a lot of good images than taking with the bare hands. Because, sometimes without your knowledge there are chances for you to shake your hands and that will ruin the clarity of the picture.


sony alpha 6000

Auto object framing mode is the best mode available in this model. It captures the subject perfectly and gives you a better output. And you can also select any picture mode of your choice, like soft focus, watercolor, retro color, pop color and so many other effects available on the camera.

One thing promised by the Bionz X processor is that it has the advanced mode of “area-specific noise reduction” which will provide you with smooth images with sharp edges. Another feature of Sony A6000 is that it detects the closest object when you half press the shutter button.

Sony A6000 locks the subject faster compared to the other mirrorless cameras. And the price of the camera is also very decent. If you are looking for an affordable camera with a good performance you can go for this without any doubt.


People who are looking for a mid-range camera can blindly opt for this model for sure because it is having a lot of features and advantages, especially the image quality is very good at this price range. Sony Alpha A 6000 R is a good model which is suitable for all kinds of photography.