insect photography

1. Take a close shot

First thing while shooting the insects is that you should always try to take a closer shot of it, background want to be fully blurred then only the object (insects) looks better in the picture. For example, look the below pictures left one has more blur at the background than the right one. The picture at the right side is normal one, nowadays we can take that in the smartphone itself. So try to shoot like an image at the left hand side whenever you are taking a picture of insects.

2. Capture them while moving

It’s hard to shoot while they are moving fast if you wants to take a close shot and if you reach too close they will fly instantly, so observe the insect’s activities and capture it. You can shoot the insects too closely if they are moving slowly like snail, and other things etc… So if you are shooting the insects, have a patience then only you can take a beautiful image of it.

3. Try Different angle

Don’t use the same angle for every pictures, take at different angle you will find which one suits for better results and delete the images which you don’t like at the moment. Use the auto mode while shooting the insects, why because you will accidentally miss the focus of the object and due to that you will lose the time for the images you have spent so far. If you are more confident then go for the fully manual mode in the camera.

4. Look for the background

Most of the time you will take with the blurred background and basically the results will be amazing for that, after taking a couple of shots in that try to take at different backgrounds look for the colors or take the photo while they were sitting on the flower it will look nice, like that think differently while taking the pictures of insects. After that try low-level shoots on the insects.

5. Which camera lens you should use?

Normally, people would buy the macro lens for this kind of photography if you don’t have the money to buy the lens you can use the reverse lens mount technique in the camera. It’s not safe to use that but in that situation if you really want to take an image of the insect means you can use it like that but be careful before using in that way.

6. Which time is better to shoot?

Best time for taking images is the early morning and the evening time, photographers would call that as a golden hours, you can see the difference in that time light will be moody orange color, and sometimes mixed colors it depends on the climate season.

If you find it macro lens is expensive you can shoot the images with the kit lens but you should keep a distance from a subject then only you can able to focus the subject in the kit lens. But you won’t find that much of details or close-up shot on the kit lens, if you get the macro lens (suggestions) it will be good for you.

Some of things you should remember while shooting

Be patient while you were shooting the insects, don’t chase or interrupt them then it will be disturbing for the insects patient is the key for the better photography. If you more interested in insects photography than the other photography like landscape, night and portrait etc… better buy the macro lens for shoot.

It helps you to get more details of the insects and the depth of field of the images will be really good once you start to shoot with the macro lens you won’t feel as comfortable as you were shooting in the kit lens for the insects photography.