Basic Settings in the Camera

There are three important things in the camera you should look for while shooting anywhere outside or inside of your house. That is Shutter speed, ISO and Aperture, if you know how to use it perfectly you can take a good pictures with your camera. Let’s dive into the topics.

Shutter Speed

It is one of the most significant factor in the camera, because you can take a different types of shots by controlling shutter speed. First, if you are having the slow shutter speed means more light comes into a camera sensor, so that you can take a low-shot and at the evening time, early morning or at the night time you can take a stunning images.

What to do if your object is moving too fast?

After that, if you are shooting a moving object and you want the images without any shake at the background means you should set your shutter speed high so that you can capture the object perfectly. And if you want to take a panning shot you can keep the shutter speed little bit slower and you can test with it.

shutter speed
shutter speed

Look at these two images you can see the difference in it. First image has a little shake at the bottom of the towel that’s because of the lower shutter speed and the light also very low. If you wants to get a good image without any shake means you can increase your shutter speed to get sharp images.

How the Bulb mode works?

In the shutter speed, mostly every camera has the bulb mode so that you can use it for many purpose like at the night-time photography and for the long-exposure photography. In the bulb mode, you can control the shutter speed with your hand or you can buy the remote to control the shutter.

Practice a lot

Once you’ve learned to do that you can do a lot of things with the camera shutter speed, for example if you are in the bulb mode and you want to take a long-exposure photography you can set the speed for how many minutes or seconds your camera sensor wants to be open to capture the image and you can see the output. By practicing a lot only you can get an idea about the shutter speed.

If you wants to continue you can go on or you wants to know more things about the shutter speed means open a new tab and search for the shutter speed settings in the google images you will get some results based on that you will get a clear clarification of shutter speed.


Aperture is an another one you wants to look for while taking a portrait images or landscape or any type of photography. Because it gives a depth of field of the images and it will look very sharp. In the aperture mode, you can control the background blur of the images. Some people like to have a blur at the background and some people not. So it’s totally depends on the people perspective.

How to control the aperture and depth of field?

In the dark room or if you are in the place with a low light you should select largest aperture so that the sensor will have a large amount light to pass to it. After that you wants to make a bokeh effect you can keep it at the largest aperture and you wants do a little tricks in that for taking bokeh.

Every camera used to have aperture priority mode, you can set the dial to that mode so that camera will automatically controls the depth of field to your object but sometimes you won’t get fulfilled with the output like the results in the manual mode.

You can see the difference between the images left one has the more blur at the background than the right one because of the aperture value when you are changing the aperture lower or higher it will affect the depth of field of the images.

Aperture mode

One of the important things you want to remember while shooting with 18-55 mm with f/3.5- f/5.6 and similar to that kind of lens, when you are at the full zoom your largest aperture will be f/5.6 you can’t have the aperture at the f/3.5 this is one of the basic thing in the aperture mode.

If you get the prime lens means you cannot change the zoom in or zoom out, basically prime lens means if it has 50mm you can only shoot in that only and you can change or keep as it is the aperture value to take an amazing images.


Lastly, keeping your ISO at the low level can give you a crystal clear image and if you go for the higher ISO the images will get grains if you zoom it and see the pictures you can see the results. But not for every cameras high-end camera can be set to high so that you can have a brighter images.

Night time difficulties while shooting

At the night time you can set your ISO higher if you need a sharp image but lower-end camera will have a grains in your images, before choosing higher ISO check the images whether clarity is good or not after that try to increase it to brighten the pictures.

iso settings
iso settings

For the ISO settings it is good one to compare don’t think that there no image at the left hand side, if you are unable to see increase your brightness and see you can see the difference. For this reason only we will change the ISO. It is most important one while shooting with your camera.

When you need to increase your ISO?

If your shutter speed is high and the aperture is smaller but the images wants to look brighter means you can go for higher ISO. Mostly at the daylight you can set your ISO at the lower level unless you need it. But at the night time you needs to know how to control the ISO.

These are some of the things you wants look while shooting with your camera.

Image quality

You can set the image quality to JPEG or RAW, if you search for the term you can see the full form of it but now our important goal is to understand which is the best one for your purpose. When you took the image in the JPEG format your image size will be small compare to RAW.

RAW format

RAW file format will be high and it is very easy to edit because JPEG images will reduce the image quality while editing and it won’t be as effective as RAW format. So wherever you go you take the backup of images immediately or take extra cards for the shooting.

Another setting is that you can set the image quality to the small or large and large plus RAW format and you can take an images in these formats also.

Things to know while shooting

If you have set your dial in the manual mode it will be hard to get the sharp images for beginners and sometimes without your knowledge you won’t get the output as you thought, at the time you can set Automatic mode on the camera and image stabilizer on in the lens mount.

So that you won’t miss the details of the image, you can focus your object through back focus button. Every camera used to have an option, it will be near to view finder or above the menu settings.


After taking a couple of shots and put in a laptop try to identify the mistakes you have done with the images, so that you can avoid those mistakes in the future. Once again I am repeating by practicing only you can learn many things in the camera, you can explore so many things in that. So try to take several images in different angle with your camera.