tips to take better photos

1. Try to shoot everyday

As I have already said before in my previous article, basic settings in the camera, a lot of practice is required to enhance your skills in photography. In order to become a better photographer, you must be clicking some pictures either inside or outside of your home whenever you get free time. You can then look for the errors in it and rectify them when you’re shooting for the next time.

2. Have an inspiration

Before shooting any kind of photography, you must have a look at the pictures related to that in Instagram, Google, Facebook or any other platform. Get inspired by those pictures and try to come up with new ideas by incorporating your own creativity. Getting the desired output for the first time itself may or may not be possible but trying such new things will surely improve your inventiveness.

3. Take a look at the light

In the case of outdoor photography, light plays a major role. It can be said that light is the key factor for your photos to look good. So you must make a note of the amount of light present in the area where you are photographing. If the sunlight is very intense there are more chances for it to affect your photos. So it is advisable to move to a place where the sunlight is mild and warm. You can also move your object away from the sun to get a good picture of it. The other option you could try out is the use of diffuser with flash to get good images.

4. Use gridlines

If you are unsure and confused with the frame, the best option you could try is the usage of gridlines. The gridlines will help you to know where the object suits very well in your frame. Gridlines will help you to get perfect shots of the image. You can even try in different perspectives and you’ll surely love shooting with the gridlines.

5. Know how to hold your camera

This sounds a bit ridiculous but it is one of the basic things which you might know. The best way to hold a camera is with your two hands (if you don’t have a tripod). Do not hold your camera on the upper side, instead make use of your right hand to hold the camera’s right end and the left hand should be under the lens. Holding the camera is totally up to but if you hold like this it will add extra grip to your camera and you’ll get sharp images without any blur.

6. Shoot the images at one place

In order to know the light and the camera settings, you have to practice in the same place for a while. For instance, you can change the aperture, shutter speed and ISO when you are taking photographs at different times of a day. At the end of the day, you can cross-check the images to know which settings are best suited for which time of the day. This method will very much help you to know the settings in the camera.

7. Take a shot with different perspective

The most important tip to be followed to become a good photographer is that you should not stick to one particular angle. You must try taking pictures with different angles apart from the regular angles which you shoot every day. Look for the pattern like shutter door or staircase steps which will help to improve your shots.

8. See for the reflections

Reflection images are taken by everyone most commonly nowadays. This is because reflection images look good and most of the people take reflection images with the help of water and glass. If you are interested in taking reflection images and if you don’t have these objects nearby also it is absolutely fine because you can even use the smartphone for the reflection. With the help of the phone display itself, you can capture the images differently.

9. Placing your subject

Placing your subject at the right place matters a lot more than any other thing. Placing your subject where there is a clumsy background won’t result in beautiful outcomes. So before you start shooting the pictures, make a note of the background in which you are placing the subject. This will give you excellent images.

10. Have an extra battery

Most of the people do not find it important to have an extra battery. But having an extra battery can help you in many crucial times when you run out of your battery some times. Since this is the most underrated point, I hope after reading this article people consider this and make the best of it.

11. Collaborate with pro photographers

If photography is something beyond your hobby and you want to be a professional photographer, then you can spend a considerable amount of time and money on attending some photography workshops from where you can learn more deep tactics. If you are unable to do that because you don’t have money at your pocket then you can collaborate with professional photographers to learn some useful stuff on photography. You can share your experience and also ask for their experience which they gained from their journey.

12. Take landscape and portrait images

While taking photographs you must take in landscape mode and if it didn’t work out well then you can switch to portrait mode. Try to take mix shots so that you can choose the images which you like the most from it (Landscape or Portrait).

13. Sunrise and Sunset

Most of the photographers love to shoot during the sunrise and sunset times because light will be totally different during those times. You can practice by clicking photos at that time. These times are called the golden hour period and it is the perfect time for you to take silhouette images also.

14. Practice a lot

There is a famous quote said by Robin Sharma – “Every master was once a beginner”. This is so true and can be applied in each and everyone’s life. Even though if you fail many times try to learn from your mistakes and keep practicing a lot. Don’t lose heart and also remember the fact that it’s never late to start anything from scratch. Every pro photographer was once an amateur – keep this in mind and start practicing. Don’t give up until you succeed. Practice more, learn more and achieve more!