tips to take better photos

1. Try to shoot everyday

Like I’ve said in the basic settings in the camera, you should practice a lot by doing that only you can enhance your skills at least take a gear go outside or inside of your house try to take some pictures. After that identify the errors in your images and correct it when you are shooting afterwards.

2. Inspiration

Before shooting any kind of photography have a look at the pictures related to that in the Instagram, Google or Facebook or any other platforms. Get inspire from the pictures which you are seeing and try to come up with your own ideas and put it together. Whether you got the output or not that’s not an issue first of all try to do these kind of things, so that you will love to take images with your own creativeness while shooting with your camera.

3. Take a look at the light

If you are shooting at the outdoor and the key to the good photography is the outdoor light. If the sunlight is too harsh it will be more difficult to shoot at that time. So you can find the place which is less light or you can keep your object away from the sunlight, keep them in the shadows or use the diffuser with the flash it will help you to get good images.

4. Use gridlines

While shooting if you are confused with the frame use the gridlines and try, you can see the object where it suits very well in your frame. After that, take a look at the pictures if you didn’t like the images try the different perspective for the images. Surely you love to take with the gridlines.

5. Proper way to hold your camera

This sounds ridiculous but it is very important, if you are holding your hands upper side means you won’t find as comfortable as the hands at the lower side of the camera and the lens. I am not saying that this is the correct way but for me it was more comfortable to shoot with the camera.

6. Shoot the images at one place

Here, you have to practice in a same place to understand the light and the camera settings. Like when you can change the shutter speed, aperture and ISO, so that you will get an idea like in the day time you should keep the camera settings this way and it is applicable to other times also. You can cross check the images which you have took from morning to evening and you can learn the settings like that in the camera.

7. Take a shot with different perspective

Taking pictures with different angle makes your images looks more different than the images which you are taking regularly. Look for the pattern like shutter door or staircase steps like this you can take a shot and see the images whether it is good or not, so that you can change your angle to take nice one.

8. See for the reflections

Normally, reflections images will be looks good and most of the time people use to take the reflections images with the water and the glass. If you don’t find those things nearby, you can use the smartphone for the reflection. With the help of the phone display you can take the images differently.

9. Placing your subject

It is one of the important things while you were trying to take a beautiful images, because it matters a lot in the images. You will find it oddly if you have any unwanted background subject, and you can take the images but the output will be so ridiculous. So frame your subject correctly for the good results.

10. Have an extra battery

This looks simple but sometimes if you ran out of battery means it will be difficult for you take the images, you will miss the shot at that time. So always keep an extra one for you, because for me once it happens like that I missed many shots while my friends were shooting the good pictures.

11. Take photography workshops

If you have a more money spend that on taking extra classes for photography they will teach you the things which you don’t understand quite well. If you don’t have that much of money collaborate with the pro photographers, so that you learn a lot of stuffs from them. People who have more experience than you knows many things, therefore you can clarify your doubts with them, some people won’t help you but mostly others will say the things which they have failed while they were shooting with the camera.

12. Take landscape and portrait images

Take the pictures with the landscape mode, in some cases you would find it didn’t work out very well means you can shoot in the portrait mode. Try to take mix shots so that you can choose the images which you like the most from those things (Landscape and Portrait).

13. Sunrise and Sunset

Most photographers loves to take the images in this time, because at that time light will be totally different. You can practice it or you can go and check out the lights in that time, around early morning and in the evening. They would call it as a golden hour period, after that you can take a silhouette also during that time.

14. Practice a lot

Every master once was a beginner – Robin Sharma. This is so true and you can apply it to you also, because by starting from the scratch only you will learn many new things and you will fail so many times, don’t give up until you succeed on what you want to achieve in your process. Why am I saying this is, every photographers once was a beginner only and by practicing and by failing a lot only they would try to figure out things how the gears are all working.

Like that you try to do different things if that doesn’t work try another one, like that keep on moving forward and learn many and try to apply it while you were taking the photos.